Some of us don’t really care about our landscaping and some of us can’t wait to get our hands dirty, but whatever your attitude may be toward landscaping, there are some pretty compelling reasons to get our team to work on your yard. If done correctly, landscaping is one of those investments that always pays off. That is why the team at Mountain West Landscaping will always use proven and cutting-edge techniques to give you the best results possible. Read on for some ways to get ready for some great spring landscaping with us!

How to Prepare for Spring Landscaping

Do some research.

  • The amount of research you do depends on how involved you want to be. Even if you’re going to be very hands-off, it’s still a good idea to lay out how you want to handle the overall process. Would it work best to get it all done in one push or in several separate phases? The warm season tends to be pretty busy for people, so understanding when you want landscapers in your yard and when you don’t is a good idea. For example, if you’ve got a child graduating from high school in May, you might not want to have your backyard all torn up. Chances are good you’ll have a party, and it can be very nice to be able to expand the party into the yard.

Understand the climate.

  • Maybe you lived in another part of the country and fell in love with some native plants. While it can be tempting to try to make them work in Colorado, you may just be setting yourself up for wasted money and disappointment. Though Castle Rock isn’t a desert, it still is pretty arid as landscapes go, and you need plantings that will be able to not just handle the climate but flourish in it as well.  The Mountain West Landscaping team is very familiar with the Colorado climate and all the gorgeous plants that happily grow here.

Let us help you map out the landscape.

  • Each and every piece of land is bursting with opportunities. Our landscape design team has the ability to see the most beautiful options. We know how wide paths should be in order for comfort. We know how close or far plantings should be from your home so that they can grow without becoming a problem. We can see landscaping at its most mature, which allows us to design landscapes that will stay beautiful for years to come. We are always happy to sit down with you and discuss your goals and visions for the land.

Let us help with timing.

  • While the excitement of green thumbs rises in the spring, the planting season goes longer than that. Some plants are best installed during the fall. Many plants will struggle if you plant them during the summer. The team at Mountain West Landscaping understands not only how large a plant will get, we know when it should be put in the ground. When you talk with us about your vision for your landscaping, we can give you perspective and recommendations on the best timing.

Be aware of local pests.

  • Castle Rock is home to animals and bugs that can have an impact on landscaping. Depending on how close you live to the mountains, you may have deer and elk in the neighborhood. There’s nothing they would like more than for you to bring in some tender new plants! Rabbits, bugs, and stray animals also may treat your new landscaping like a salad bar. This is where you need our knowledge! We have a full list of gorgeous trees, shrubs, and flowers that actually repel pests of all different shapes and sizes. We can also tastefully integrate fencing and wire mesh to protect the plants enhancing your landscape.

Turn to Mountain West Landscaping

When you invest in your landscaping, you need the job done right the first time. A professional team is your best hope for landscaping results you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Mountain West Landscaping is proud to serve the home and business owners of Castle Rock. We provide world-class landscaping work and design. Contact us for help with your spring landscaping project today!

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