March has arrived, and even though Colorado can dump snow on us all the way into May, there’s nothing like the excitement of spring. Spring officially starts on the 21st, and though the weather may or may not reflect it, it’s time to start contemplating what you want to do with your landscaping. The possibilities are endless, and you don’t have to be discouraged about however much budget you do or don’t have. It doesn’t cost a lot to take your property to the next level!

In our last blog, we talked about a few ways to get yourself mentally geared up for your landscaping projects this spring. Whether you are excited at the prospect of landscaping or not, we are ready to come alongside you and make your property all it can be. Read on for a few more ways we can work as a team!

How to Prepare for Spring Landscaping

Consult with us on plans for growth.

  • One of the worst pitfalls of DIY landscaping is the size of a young plant versus a mature plant. People fall in love with young plants and fail to install them correctly. They plant them too close to walkways, windows, and walls, and then end up tearing them out a few years later because the plants have outgrown the space. For instance, you may not realize the decorative grass you chose will grow so tall, it will block important sightlines from the front window to the street. While the potted plants you get at the nursery come with size estimations, keeping track of all the different sizes and making sure they work together can be surprisingly difficult. Plants come in a dizzying number of varieties and grow to different sizes at different rates. Unless you have a comprehensive knowledge of plants and how they grow, you’re going to end up wasting money. Let us help!

Look for inspiration.

  • We can design your landscape from scratch, but we really love sitting down with our clients and talking over their ideas. Take some time and browse different types of landscaping. Do you want to entertain on your property? Do you need to impress customers driving up to your business? Do you want to integrate a vegetable garden in your backyard? Do you love roses? What kind of shade do you want? Do you want to enhance your privacy? Knowing what you need from your landscaping allows us to design your landscape to your exact needs. That way, you are guaranteed to be pleased with your investment.

Work with us to coordinate landscaping with your home’s exterior.

  • Your property is an extension of your home or business. When we design your landscape, we will choose plantings that not only accommodate your needs but contrast and complement your building or home as well. We want to improve the curb appeal of your home and build customer confidence in your business. Landscaping has the power to accomplish all of these things, especially when completed by professionals. Many times, DIY landscaping will get close, but it won’t have quite the same effect as professional landscaping.

Let us help coordinate high- and low-maintenance plants.

  • If you’re worried that a professional landscape will require high levels of care, don’t be. Part of what makes landscaping so wonderful is the fact that it can be adjusted to suit any lifestyle and budget. If you don’t want to spend money on water bills, we can give you a beautiful landscape that can get by on Colorado’s rainfall. If you need a showstopper landscape, we can provide the design and watering systems required.

Mountain West Landscaping Is Here to Help

A well-maintained landscape not only provides safety and aesthetic benefits to your home or business, it enhances the overall value of your property. The key is getting it done right the first time. Incorrectly-placed plantings will either die or need to be taken out, and, depending on what you choose, the plantings may not have been very cheap. Turning to a professional who does landscaping for a living is a great idea, and if you are in the Castle Rock area, we are your first-rate choice. We offer everything from design to paver patio installation. Contact Mountain West Landscaping today!