With the advantages that xeriscaping can offer, many people wonder if they might benefit from transforming their yard using this landscaping method. If you’re wondering this yourself, read on to learn more about xeriscaping and whether or not it’s the right landscaping choice for your backyard, front yard, or the entire property.

What Is Xeriscaping?

It’s a method of maintaining a vibrant, attractive yard with minimal use of water, and with minimal care required. Xeriscaping is popular in places that experience drought conditions, and it can work very well here in Castle Rock and other regions of Colorado.

The focus of xeriscaping is to make use of drought-resistant plants and more efficient watering methods, so that a little bit goes a long way. The term “xeriscape” actually traces its origins back to Denver, which coined this landscaping term in the 1970s during a significant drought.

If You’re Spending Too Much On Your Water Bill

If you’re finding that, particularly during the summer and spring seasons, you’re spending a great deal of money on your water bill, it’s probably because your yard is taking more than its fair share of H2O.

When you xeriscape your backyard landscaping, you opt for plants that require much less water, varieties that you’d see in the desert or in any region that doesn’t get much rain. This alone will bring you significant savings on your water bill. The other part of xeriscaping is making use of more efficient watering systems, such as drip irrigation versus sprinklers.

If You’re Spending Too Much Time Working On Your Yard

Do you have a lot of plants in your yard that need a great deal of trimming and pruning? Do you find yourself doing a lot of weeding and other yard work that revolves around keeping your yard tamed? Are you tired of spending so much time maintaining your yard? If so, then consider xeriscaping. You’ll be spending less time cleaning up your yard and more time enjoying it.

If You’re Ready For A Change

With the minimalist approach involved in xeriscaping, you can focus on other aspects of your yard for changes you may have wanted but have been putting off. You can have more modern landscaping elements added, such as having a beautiful paver patio installation done.

Professional patio contractors can do this for you, and they can also add landscaping lights to achieve an attractive aesthetic through outdoor lighting. With the yard simplification that comes from xeriscaping, you’re free to focus on other important elements of a good residential landscape design.

Mountain West Landscaping Can Help

As a full-service landscaper in Castle Rock, Colorado, we can assist you with your xeriscaping plans. In addition to recommending and planting drought-resistant plants, we can help you with your paver patio installation and your landscape lighting needs.

For reliable, professional landscaping services in the Castle Rock region and beyond, turn to Mountain West Landscaping. Whether you need minor yard renovations or a complete overhaul, we are up to the task. Get in touch with us today!