What happens to landscaping over time when it’s untended or neglected? It gets messy. Weeds take root, and eventually they crowd out your lawn and overtake your flowers. If you have mature trees, you’ll probably see roots come to the surface and perhaps create buckling of your current patio. Some shrubs die, whether they’ve simply reached the end of their lifespan, or they didn’t get enough water. Other plants become overgrown and untidy.

Is it time to update your landscaping, then? Here are some signs that the time has come for some heavy-duty, even professional work, on your yard.

Too Many Weeds

Every yard has a few weeds, but when they’ve taken over and choked out your grass or your favorite flowering bushes, it might be time to start over, at least in certain sections. Professional landscape contractors can help you redesign and fix portions of your yard. It may be beneficial to have them dig up your weed patches, lay down weed-resistant fabric, and then add a healthy layer of topsoil followed by mulch. Your professional landscaping specialists can offer you additional ideas based on your preferences.

Overgrown Vegetation

When you look at your yard, do you see easily distinguished plants and trees, or do you just see a jungle? If your vegetation is overgrown and undefined, you can try to prune your shrubs and trees yourself. If you don’t have the time or the inclination, rest assured that landscape contractors are quite capable of taming your yard!

Buckling, Cracked, Or Uneven Patio

Over years, the slope of your yard can become uneven, or roots can come up and cause buckling of your patio. If your concrete or stone patio is uneven, cracked, and buckling, it’s not only an eyesore, it’s a hazard. People can trip over these uneven areas. You may want to consider hiring patio contractors who can level your outdoor living spaces and then beautify them with attractive pavers or other options.

Lack Of Lighting

When you look out at your yard in the evening, is it a foreboding sea of darkness? It doesn’t have to be! You can add landscaping lights to bring out your yard’s features while beautifying your outdoor spaces and increasing the security around your home’s perimeter. Outdoor lighting adds so much to your property, and it’s truly affordable. Options include either wired lights or solar lights, or an attractive combination of the two.

Nobody Wants To Be In The Yard

A big sign that it’s time to update your landscaping is the fact that nobody spends any time out there. If it’s an unattractive, unruly space, people will naturally avoid being outside. Updating your landscaping will have the effect of drawing people outside to enjoy the lovely space that was created, get some fresh air, and reap the benefits of being outdoors.

Dead Or Dying Bushes

If you see a lot of dead plants in your yard, it’s time for a makeover, not only to remove and replace these dry bushes, but perhaps to redo your sprinkler system.

When You’re Ready for Professional Backyard Landscaping

If you live in or around Castle Rock, Colorado and it’s time to update and beautify your landscaping, give Mountain West Landscaping a call. We’re here to bring your yard back to life! We can help not only with landscape maintenance and replacement, but also through irrigation solutions, installation of artificial turf and greens, adding water features, handling landscape lighting, doing paver patio installations, and so much more. For an outdoor space you can spend time in and enjoy, give Mountain West Landscaping of Castle Rock a call today!