When you own a home or business, it can be difficult to decide where to route your resources. Should you redo the bathroom? Put shelving in the garage? Put everything toward a new roof? It doesn’t matter what you do; homes and businesses always need care or improvement in multiple places. Prioritizing needs is just part of owning them!

One of the most notoriously-neglected areas on any property is the landscaping. We understand why. People experience the interiors of their homes and businesses far more than they experience the exteriors, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t necessarily think of the exterior when figuring out how best to spend their maintenance budgets. You neglect your landscaping at your own risk, however. Landscaping adds a lot of value to a property and can act as a beautiful, protective barrier between your home and the street if it is well-lit and taken care of. In our last blog, we discussed several signs that it’s time to contact a professional landscaper. Today, we have a few more!

More Signs You Need a Landscaper

The plantings are dying.

  • Plants die for all sorts of reasons. They may have been planted too deep or too shallow, they might not get enough sun and water or too much sun and water, or they might just be old. We know it’s winter now, but if spring comes around and the green just doesn’t make it to some of your plantings, it is probably time for a professional overhaul. Our experienced team knows what types of plants thrive in Castle Rock, and we can make sure your new plantings are set up for years of beautiful success.

The grass is dying. 

  • If you have Colorado-tough grass in your landscape, the only reason it should struggle is due to lack of water or being cut too closely. However, lawns can get old and wear out. You may also be dealing with a lawn of tender grass that was never going to be able to handle Colorado’s dry conditions in the first place. If spring rolls around and your lawn doesn’t seem to care about waking back up, contact us. We can identify what is going on and find a budget-friendly solution for bringing beauty back to your property.

The yard just looks unkempt. 

  • Making the most of your property can take a lot of consistent work, especially during spring, summer, and fall. It is well worth it, though. If you don’t have the ability to invest the necessary time into your property, we can talk about new designs that don’t need as much maintenance. We will carefully assess your vision, needs, and budget to give you the best possible outcome imaginable. The possibilities are truly endless when you work with our talented landscaping team!

You’ve got unwelcome visitors.

  • In our part of Colorado, it isn’t too strange to have elk, deer, and other animals wandering through our properties. Just rabbits can make a significant impact on your landscaping. There are many beautiful plants that repel pests like these, and we would be happy to talk through your options. We can also look into implementing fences and other physical solutions to protect your investment in your property.

Mulch and debris are scattered around your property.

  • If you’re seeing mulch runoff on your property, it means that water is washing the expensive material away. Many times, all it takes is a bit of edging to solve the problem. We can make sure that the edging blends with the rest of your landscaping, offering you the utility and beauty you need.

You’re tired of tripping over pavers.

  • Whether you laid the pavers to create your own walkway/patio or you inherited them, it can be annoying to deal with pavers that are uneven or slanting odd directions. We are paver patio installation experts, and we can give you the sublimely-even patio or walkway you’re longing for. Our workmanship lasts, too. No more unsteady patio chairs or unstable paths around the yard!

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