Our properties are investments and making sure they are both beautiful and set up for success is important. The health of your home or business depends partly on the layout and design of the land around it, and that is why we are proud to offer retaining walls in Castle Rock. Retaining walls are tough, practically-immovable structures designed to hold land in place. This isn’t an easy job, but it is extremely important in many cases!

As a piece of civil engineering, retaining walls are more extensive than most people understand. They must be done right or they will create more problems than they solve. If you’ve ever had to deal with a badly-made retaining wall, you understand the importance of knowledge, experience, and excellence when it comes to construction. These valuable aspects don’t usually come cheap, so you should be fully aware of why you’re investing in a retaining wall. In today’s blog, we want to discuss reasons why people invest in retaining walls so you can see if any of the reasons describe you.

Signs You Need a Retaining Wall

Do you actually need a retaining wall? Here are some reasons why you should contact us for a quote today. You may find that several of these reasons are occurring on your property at once. They can go hand-in-hand!

Your property is one big hill. 

  • Maybe you long for a basketball court. Maybe you’re tired of parking on the street. If the slope of your property prevents you from actually utilizing the space, a retaining wall can create a flat, useful space that can turn into a patio, a sport court, or extra parking.

You need to prevent erosion. 

  • Retaining walls can prevent soil from falling down a slope onto your home. They can also prevent dirt from falling down a slope and out from under your house. Both of these situations are very serious, and a retaining wall may be the only thing between you and losing your home. Let us make sure your retaining wall is as excellent as it can be!

You need to divert the flow of rainwater. 

  • Water is definitely another enemy of your home or business. It can get into your basement and undermine your foundation. If you need to get water to flow around your house and into a drainage system, a retaining wall can make a huge difference. It will also prevent the water from eroding the land your home needs for stability.

You have a wall already, but it’s old/badly made. 

  • Nature can be held back for a while, but over time, it does tend to break down our man-made structures. If you have a retaining wall past its prime, we can inspect it and share what needs to be done to get it back in fighting shape. The same goes for retaining walls installed by sloppy or inexperienced teams. Many times, people see retaining walls as DIY projects, but if the health of your home hangs in the balance, you should get professional support like ours.

You have a hill that needs definition. 

  • Tired of looking out your windows and seeing a boring slope? Do you have gardening dreams but your landscape brushes them off? You need a retaining wall. Our team can use retaining wall to create a fantastic series of terraces and level spaces where you can go crazy. No matter the size of your property, retaining walls can create defined spaces that encourage creativity, intimacy, and interest. It will all look better, too!

You want to add seating. 

  • The top of a retaining wall can be the perfect perch. If you’re low on space, you can define areas and install seating at the same time, making an extremely efficient use of your square footage. You can take it a step further and put pads on the tops of the retaining wall to make it clear that people are welcome to take a load off.

Turn to Mountain West Landscaping

When nature and people come together, we can create beautiful spaces and transformative effects that enhance the value of your property. Mountain West Landscaping is Castle Rock’s trusted team for landscape lighting, retaining wall installation, and beyond. Contact us today!