When you own property, there’s always something that needs to be done.

Weeding, fertilizing, trimming, planting, watering, replacing, installing, shoveling … the property owner’s to-do list goes on and on! The great news is, hot or cold, rain or shine, the Mountain West Landscaping team has the solution for you in Castle Rock. Our professional landscape services add consistent value to your property by keeping it at its best. Check out our complete residential and commercial landscape maintenance services below!

We Deliver Unsurpassed Excellence to Every Part of Your Property

Landscape Cleanup

Here’s a landscaping secret: neatness is a massive contributor to any property’s attractiveness. Even a basic expanse of grass with a single tree can become a thing of quiet beauty when it’s tidy. The thing is, landscapes are fussy and messy. They change constantly. The results include patchy mulch, piles of dead leaves, corners of overgrown grass, lopsided trees, scattered gravel, and beyond. You can try to keep up with the chaos over time, but the best times to dive in are spring and fall. That’s where Mountain West can come in and make landowner life a breeze!

  • Spring

    • For many people, spring is a hopeful time filled with fresh air, delicate flowers, and neon-green new leaves. It’s also a time when they find corners full of rotted leaves and debris that blew in over the fall and froze all winter. And because this is Colorado, it’s also common to find trees that have been damaged by snow and need to be trimmed before they explode into the growing season. The thing is, spring is a key time to set up your entire landscape for a glorious summer. Let us clean the remains of winter out of your yard so you can look toward summer with a smile!
  • Fall

    • In the fall, there’s nothing better than playing in a pile of leaves and enjoying the refreshingly cool air after a long summer. However, it can be a season involving a lot of hard work, too. Having bloomed and grown all summer, your property is heading into dormancy, which makes it a key time for cleanup. This can be a massive task, so let Mountain West Landscaping handle it. We’ll trim away tired growth and make sure your landscape is ready to deal with the incoming snow and icy temperatures. Best of all, we’ll do it quickly, efficiently, and with excellence.

Landscaping Renewal

We prize beautiful lawns for their lush, green texture, but keeping them that way can get a little complex and involved at times. At Mountain West Landscaping, we are proud to be present in those key moments when your turf needs to be set up for success.

  • Aeration

    • Commonly performed in spring and/or fall, aeration involves punching holes into your turf in order to allow nutrients, water, and oxygen into the root system. Grass is a tenacious plant that can become so dense over time that it strangles itself out. Don’t let this happen. Call us, and we’ll swoop in with our professional aerators, going over your lawn while being careful to avoid sprinkler heads and other features. This can be your lawn’s new lease on life, so don’t skip it!
  • Fertilization

    • There’s a big difference between a lawn that’s surviving and a lawn that’s thriving, and you can see it from the curb. Fertilizer will give you the verdant, velvety lawn you long for while simultaneously keeping weeds and pests at bay. Contact Mountain West Landscaping for a consultation, and we’ll assess your lawn to determine what kind of fertilizer it needs. Once we know, it’s quick and easy to apply. You will love the results!
  • Seeding

    • It’s normal for lawns to get patchy over time, but it’s an issue that can be easily remedied with professional seeding. We’ll make sure the seed matches the current turf so you get incredible, envy-worth results in no time.

Lawn Maintenance

  • Mowing

    • Definitely one of the most repetitive, hot, and itchy activities of summer, mowing is the perfect task to hand over to our maintenance experts. Our professional tools and hard-earned experience allow us to deliver precise, gorgeous results in short amounts of time whether your lawn is a big rectangle or it twists and turns around a bunch of concrete edges. Edging, trimming, and blowing off the property can all happen every week. Best of all, we’re affordable and we’ll put you first. Learn more today!
  • Weed and Pest Control

    • Even the strongest lawn can get troubled by a variety of weeds and pests. We can quickly assess the situation, determine what is going on, and treat it for lasting results. We can also effectively address planting areas like flower beds that are struggling with weeds or bugs.
  • Irrigation Service and Repairs

    • Keeping your landscaping beautiful is easier when you have an automated irrigation system. However, when that system has issues, getting it back on track without creating more problems can be tricky. Let our irrigation experts solve the problem and bring you peace of mind that lasts all season long. We can also blow your system out at the end of summer to make sure it doesn’t run into problems over the winter.

Snow Removal

Let’s face it: Colorado never does anything halfway. We might have more sunny days in the winter than they have in Cleveland, but when it snows here, it really snows. It can also get deeply cold. Mountain West Landscaping proudly offers snow removal that takes the burden off your shoulders. No more going to bed knowing you have to get up extra early to shovel before work. No more worrying your customers will slip and fall outside your business or apartments. We’ll clear your sidewalks and driveway for you! Learn more about this great service today.

Maximize Your Property With Mountain West Landscaping

We understand that it isn’t enough to have a landscape maintenance company with a wide array of services; you need to know they’ll do the job right the first time. That is why we focus on excellence, no matter how big or small the job may be. For true peace of mind, contact Mountain West Landscaping in the Castle Rock area today.