If you live in Douglas County, you know that we enjoy a particularly beautiful piece of Colorado.

The landscape around major towns like Castle Rock, Parker, and Larkspur is rugged, majestic, and beautiful no matter the season. When you live in our area, you can feel like you’re in the mountains while still accessing all the advantages of urban living, thanks to rocky outcrops, pine trees, and rolling bluffs that break up the landscape. If you have a sense of adventure, this is the county for you!

Douglas County tends to be dry compared to some of the other counties in Colorado, but that just means we have access to some of the most beautiful semi-arid flora around. At Mountain West Landscaping, we take particular joy in creating residential landscapes that bring native beauty into any yard, no matter how big or small it is. We believe it is possible to have a stunning landscape without racking up huge watering bills or dealing with complex maintenance tasks. We also love working closely with our clients to make sure their visions, budgets, and needs are completely met. Our passion has set us apart from other landscaping and hardscaping experts, and we are excited to be Douglas County’s premier team.

Designing Landscapes for Colorado’s Unique Climate

Like we mentioned above, Douglas County has its own special Colorado flavor. People are drawn to this area because it’s easy to simultaneously access modern conveniences while enjoying the best of a rugged Colorado landscape. Many different gorgeous plants thrive in this semi-arid climate, and one of our favorite things to do is assess your property and customize our landscape designs so that the plants we install can thrive with little to no effort while looking beautiful. Whether you’ve got a brand new build that needs its first yard or you’re dealing with an established landscape, we are the team you need when it comes to incorporating beauty, practicality, and longevity into your property.

Water restrictions aren’t uncommon throughout Douglas County in the summer, and if you’re trying to keep water-guzzling plants alive, it can be stressful. Investing in water-saving plants can make a huge difference, but you need to figure out how that will happen. Though amateur landscapers can achieve fantastic results, many of them fail to achieve the excellence Mountain West Landscaping provides. Why? We have years of training and experience that make it possible for us to factor in every aspect of your property, vision, and budget and create results that are unlike any others.

Factors We Consider When Planning Your Landscape

But just what do we consider when planning an optimal landscape that will look beautiful for years to come in a unique location? Well, there is a lot. We will often try to gather all the information below before starting a design.

  • Wind patterns in summer and winter, especially snow drifting patterns in winter.
  • Monthly precipitation measurements.
  • Preexisting vegetation like shrubs, trees, grass, and other groundcovers.
  • The property’s topography, including rock outcroppings, slopes, areas that are flat, low, or wet, and all of the features’ orientation toward the sun.
  • The property’s microclimates, which are areas on the property that stay cooler or warmer because of existing plants or shadows from the house.
  • The property’s geology, including soil types and drainage, including a soil analysis if possible.

As you can imagine, once we have these pieces of information, we can put together a design that is fine-tuned to your unique property. Plants that love water can go into the naturally-damp places, and plants that thrive in hot, sunny conditions can go in the drier locations. Depending on how much watering you want to do and how you’d like your yard to look, we can use xeriscaping strategies to give you a fantastic result. Our landscape design will allow plants and any hardscaping to not only shine year-round but to thrive in conditions suited to them. That way, the money you invest won’t go to waste, and you’ll probably save money on water for years to come.

Strategies That Can Make Your Landscape Thrive

After we pull together information about your property, it’s time to bring in your budget, your vision, and then figure out what we can do to give you incredible results. There are dozens of ways to tackle a property, and here are a few of them.

  • Pull together water-loving plants and group them in shaded locations where there’s a lot of moisture. Grouping the plants means they can have a high visual impact, and we can use perennial plants like flowering trees and variegated foliage to add interest without requiring you to deal with higher maintenance annuals.
  • Match the water requirements of plants with the soil with the right capacity to hold moisture. For instance, we can put drought-tolerant plants under the eaves where the soil is always dry and water-loving plants where the soil holds a bunch of weight.
  • Limit the turf to places where it will be used, like play areas. Where turf is used, choose drought-tolerant mixes or consider using mulch and drought-tolerant ground covers. Grass infamously consumes the most water, so it can be worth getting professional help.
  • Strategically place shrubs and fences to provide shade, privacy, and protection from winter winds. You can also use these features to funnel pleasant breezes toward decks, porches, or patios in the summer.
  • Mulch plant beds to discourage weeds, keep moisture in the soil, and prevent the soil conditions from breaking down over time. Mulch enriches the soil beneath it, so it is always your friend.
  • Group plants that have similar sun, water, and soil requirements. That way, there’s a much better chance that the plants will survive and look beautiful for many years to come.
  • Choose surfacing materials that reduce heat buildup, minimize sun glare, and allow water to get through. We’re talking about using wood, brick, stone, and sand for patios and choosing pea gravel, stepping stones, or wood chips for paths.
  • Decide to use native plants, especially plants that are drought-resistant. This is especially important for landscaping in Douglas County, where conditions can get pretty tough and dry.
  • Place trash containers, dog runs, storage, and compost piles in spots where they’re easily accessed and yet hidden from windows and outdoor seating areas. That way, you can enjoy the practical benefits of having your own property as well as its beauty.

Which strategies are best for your property? Which plants and hardscaping strategies will suit your budget and your vision? This is where it is so important to bring in a professional team who can quickly assess the situation and immediately know which strategies, plants, and hardscape elements will work best. Whether you live in Sedalia, Highlands Ranch, Perry Park, or anywhere in between, we are your landscaping answer. Contact us for a quote today!

Signs Your Property Needs Professional Landscaping Services

Landscaping makes a huge difference not only when it comes to the visible appeal of your property, but its value as well. A professionally-designed landscape can also save you money by using drought-tolerant plants to shield your home from the elements. It can even play a role in protecting your home from burglars by ensuring you have good visibility. So how is your landscaping doing? Here are some signs that you need the expert Mountain West Landscaping team to improve your property’s value.

Your grass is dying.

Generally, when the grass starts to die off, it’s because it isn’t getting watered or it’s being trimmed too short. Grass generally needs about an inch of water a week, and it may need more depending on the conditions and type of grass. When you trim grass deeper than a third of the way down, it strains the root system and weakens the plant as a whole.

Your yard looks unkempt.

Sometimes, we don’t have the time to keep our yards looking at their best. However, sometimes, we have yards that need so much work, it just isn’t realistic. Here’s the good news: you can have a gorgeous yard that doesn’t require tons of maintenance. In fact, the Douglas County climate is perfect for xeriscaping and other low-maintenance, drought-tolerant landscaping styles. The possibilities are massive!

Your landscaping is mismatched.

Landscaping is a composition that must be carefully tuned to fit the property. It doesn’t have to be complex, but it should flow together and create an experience. We can carefully design a landscape that works together and fits your needs, including your budget.

The drainage isn’t working correctly.

When it comes to landscape design, people often dive into aesthetics without considering one of the most important functions of any landscape: the ability to drain water correctly. Your landscape’s primary job is to move water away from your home or business so that you don’t end up with a flooded basement and/or a cracked foundation. As professional landscapers, we know to integrate slope into our enchanting designs to ensure the correct runoff. We apply the same rules when we install hardscaping, whether it’s patios or walkways. We also keep an eye on your downspouts to make sure they carry runoff from your roof away from your home instead of leaving it to puddle dangerously around your foundation.

Your plants are dying.

Struggling and dying plants can be very frustrating, especially when you invested in them yourself. Here’s the thing: a lot of plants are very tough and will continue to grow in sub-optimal conditions. However, they can only do so much before they get weak and even die. But why are they dying? Well, there’s a bunch of possible reasons. Plants are living organisms with environmental requirements, and some of them probably aren’t getting met. A sun-loving plant that was placed properly when the trees were small may have been swallowed up by shade. A shallow plant may have been installed too deeply and the roots can’t get enough oxygen. Or the plant may simply be the wrong type for your yard. We can assess what is going on and tweak your landscaping to make it beautiful once more.

Your pavers are uneven.

Whether you installed them or they were there when you bought your house, uneven pavers can make outdoor living a pain. Generally, pavers become uneven when they don’t have the proper base. Once water gets underneath them, they move out of place and can make you trip and fall. The issue only gets worse over time. In addition to being Douglas County’s trusted landscapers, we are also known as the area’s premier hardscaping experts. You might say that uneven pavers are one of our biggest pet peeves! Our patios and walkways are professionally designed and use sand and crushed rock to make sure they stay even for decades. Let us show you that having a paver patio or walkway can be a relief rather than an annoyance!

The landscaping is boring.

When it comes to landscaping, interest comes from color, shape, texture, and flow. If your features too many repeats of the same plant or it’s a mishmash of many different plants, it can be chaotic, disjointed, and dull. We are particularly skilled at finding the balance between too much and not enough, and we can make your landscape intriguing and beautiful without breaking the bank.

Let Us Bring Magic to Your Douglas County Property

Your yard is an essential piece of your property and has the power to enhance or damage its value as well as its appeal. At Mountain West Landscaping, we have years of experience working with home and business owners all over Douglas County to give them outstanding landscapes. We love what we do, and whether you need a patio, a terraced garden, or water-saving landscape design, we are your answer. We provide lighting services, water feature installation, concrete stamping, landscape renovation, and incredible design. We are passionate about assessing your landscape’s microclimate, your budget, and your vision to make sure you get a landscape that adds value beyond your expectation. Whether you live in Larkspur, Castle Pines, Sedalia, or anywhere in between, we are excited to serve you. Contact us for a quote today!