At Mountain West Landscaping, we’re all about creating spaces that fulfill your needs, whether you want to relax, entertain friends, get work done … or all of the above!

The thing is, it’s hard to enjoy a space or walkway when its surface is uneven, soggy, or improperly-sized. This is where our team can make a profound difference.

While it’s easy to find a landscaper who can plant up nice flowers and trees for you, finding a team who can take a lumpy patio or walkway and turn it into a beautiful, long-lasting magic carpet of concrete is no easy feat. The great news is, you just found Castle Rock’s A-Team when it comes to concrete – both decorative and architectural. We deliver concrete work as gorgeous as expensive pavers (and probably longer-lasting).

What is Stamped Concrete, Anyway?

We’ve been installing stamped concrete for years, but we understand that not everyone else is as familiar with it as we are! Here is a basic rundown of how stamped concrete is installed.

The Beginning

Stamped concrete and drab concrete start out the same way: forms and pouring. Depending on what we need to accomplish, we will carefully install a framework to contain the concrete on the ground called forms. Once the forms are approved and we’ve installed any necessary reinforcements, we’ll pour the concrete and smooth it with trowels or floating blades. This part of the process ensures that the aggregate is concealed and the surface is ready for the next step.

Adding a Splash of Color

Whether you want the rich terracotta coloring of an Italian villa or the colors of natural slate, this is where that magic happens! We usually avoid applying color evenly because it makes for an awkward, fabricated look, which most people don’t want. Instead, we toss color powders onto the concrete. The powders chemically bond with the concrete and permanently stains it. No superfluous paint here! As the concrete dries, natural patterns form and that prepares the concrete for the next step.

Stamping the Concrete

While the stained concrete is still wet, we will lay down a grid of stamp pads on it. The stamps will create an incredible surface with just enough random depth variations to trick the mind into thinking these are real stones. However, we aren’t done yet!

Washing and Sealing

When the stamps come off, chances are good you may not be thrilled with what you see. However, the beauty you’re hoping for is all under there! We’ll wash off the concrete, and once it dries, you will finally see the results you’ve dreamed of. At this point, the concrete will need to dry the rest of the way. Once it is dry, it’s time to look at sealing, and we can help with that too!

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But Why Should I Choose Stamped Concrete?

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to creating your dream patio, pool deck, or garden walkway. Why should you choose stamped concrete instead of pavers? Here are just a few reasons why people find stamped concrete to be a no-brainer.

It can look like anything you want.

Many people think “concrete” and immediately picture drab warehouse floors. However, concrete can do far more than that. Stamped concrete can mimic any stonework imaginable, whether it’s bricks, pavers, or flagstone. It can be a huge array of different colors as well, making each stamped “paver” look completely natural. If you want to go the other direction and create artistic designs, concrete can do that, too. When you work with our team, the sky’s truly the limit.

You can stain it with acid for an utterly unique look.

We mentioned color up above, and we just had to emphasize the incredible possibilities. We can use acid to stain your concrete a bunch of different colors, so whether you want to go natural or you’re after a uniquely artistic design, concrete can give you the stunning results you want. Just thinking about the possibilities makes us excited, and we would love to work on your design with you!

You’ve got unmatched flexibility.

While our team can install pavers, we absolutely love installing concrete. Why? Because it can work with any design, especially curved spaces.  We basically install forms, which can have any curves, corners, or other shapes you want, and the concrete fills them. Just like that, you’ve got a design unlike any other. Compare this easy process to painstakingly grinding individual pavers, and you’ll see how much time and money concrete can save you.

Many people don’t realize just how great curves can be in the yard, especially in gardens or entertaining spaces. Curves provide a relaxed, comfortable, adventurous feel to any space, and are generally more inviting. Leave those right corners behind and get wild with concrete!

Concrete is stunning indoors and outdoors.

Concrete shines in everything from gigantic villa driveways to simple poolside walkways, but its benefits don’t stop at your doorstep. Sure, concrete is beloved outside because it looks amazing while preventing slips, but it can also shine inside. You can coat it with epoxy and get a showroom garage, polish it up and cover it with lush rugs in your living room, or create a serene surface in the bathroom. This is a floor that will outlast every other floor in your home! When installed tastefully and carefully, concrete can be the perfect touch your home needs.

It looks expensive without breaking the bank.

In its pure form, concrete has an industrial, clean look that catches people’s attention. However, it can be stamped, colored, and tweaked for results that people will notice. In fact, concrete can be incredibly luxurious. Turn to concrete, and you can transform your spaces and have budget left over when you’re done! Those are results anyone will love.

When you have experts handling your concrete, the process is effortless and the results delightful. Turn to Mountain West Landscaping for installation you will love in Castle Rock!

Don’t Let These Stamped Concrete Myths Mess With You!

There’s no reason to invest in highly expensive pavers (and the drawn-out process of installing them) when concrete can deliver the same beautiful impact. Stamped concrete has been around for over 40 years, and has developed into an incredible product that stands the test of time. However, in our time working with discriminating home and business owners in Castle Rock, we’ve heard some myths that keep people from making informed decisions.

MYTH: Staining/stamping concrete makes it crack sooner.

We all know that concrete of any type will crack. Stained or stamped concrete will not crack any sooner than any other type of concrete. Why? Because a surface treatment isn’t what defines a concrete slab. Instead, the way the concrete is mixed and poured determines the way it will behave in the future. Weather is also an important consideration. The key is finding a great team to mix, pour, stamp, and stain your concrete in the first place. Contact us!

MYTH: Stamped concrete is too slick.

We love concrete for all of its different surfaces. It can be anything from glass-glossy to rough as sandpaper, so depending on the finish you get, it can be really slick indeed. However, the easiest way to fix that is … to stamp it!

We can stamp your concrete to be anti-slip even in rain depending on which stamp we use. From pavers, flagstone, to brick, our properly-installed concrete surfaces are your best choice.

MYTH: Decorative concrete will chip sooner.

Some people see the concrete like a layer of paint that will chip off with wear and tear, but that’s not the case at all. The stain we install becomes part of the concrete itself instead of sitting on top of it. If you do see chipping, it is likely the sealer, and that is a very easy fix.

MYTH: The staining will fade.

UV radiation affects everything from upholstery to paint. Concrete is included. However, it is extremely slow to show the effects of the sun. It’s just the nature of it. We also coat our concrete installations with UV-resistant sealer, and that slows any fading down even more.

MYTH: Stamped/stained concrete looks fake.

It is possible for anything to look fake if it isn’t installed right. There is concrete out there that has been badly stamped. However, that’s not what you’ll get from us.

Chances are good that, within the space of this week, you’ve walked on stamped concrete you thought was pavers or flagstone. We guarantee it. Well-done decorative concrete is just that great. We deliver results like these to customers all over Castle Rock, and we would love to do the same for you.

Fix These Problems with Stamped Concrete

For a long time, concrete has been mankind’s answer to a plethora of problems. Many of them are architectural, including foundations, walls, and more. However, concrete is even more of a savior than you may think it is! In fact, concrete can solve problems you’re dealing with at your home or business today! Turn to Mountain West Landscaping for installation, and you’re guaranteed world-class results in Castle Rock.

Problem: You’ve got other types of pavement giving you issues.

Stamped concrete is a favorite for people because it’s an angel compared to other finishes. It’s great to have something other than a boring gray driveway, and decorative concrete can save you from that. However, that’s just the beginning.

Pavers may look great after you’ve spent a fortune getting them installed, but they tend to let grass and weeds grow up between them. Sure, you can put sand down, but you’ll have to keep that maintenance up over time, not to mention that ants love warm, sandy places and will likely make themselves very comfortable in your glamorous patio or walkway.

Pavers also cause problems when installed on any type of ground that isn’t level. Over time, gravity will pull the pavers downhill. Even if they stay in place pretty well, water will get between and underneath them, washing the ground away and causing miniature sinkholes. That is where jagged, uneven patios come from.

The same finicky issues plague brick installations, which will shift every year and eventually cause issues. Concrete keeps weeds at bay, discourages ants, stays in place, and keeps water from wreaking havoc.

Problem: Everything looks bland.

Did you know that concrete actually gets harder over time when it’s installed right? You may have a decades-old slab of concrete on your property, but chances are good that it’s a boring gray. Your concrete may even have a coating of chipped, nasty paint. If so, it’s time to make a change and leave the headaches behind.

Stained concrete solves the boredom problem with its lovely textures and colors. It eliminates the need for expensive, finicky paint by having the color included within its structure. Let us add a little texture and color, and you’ll forget you’re walking on concrete in the first place.

Problem: You’re working with weird shapes.

Curves, twists, and turns all make a space more interesting. You may want curves or have inherited them and therefore have no choice in the matter, but no matter what the situation may be, concrete is your solution. When installed, concrete starts as a semi-liquid slurry that will flow to fit the shape of its container … whatever that shape may be! We can create concrete forms to accommodate any shape you can imagine.

Concrete’s flexibility makes it a fantastic solution for working in pre-existing spaces, where you have to get around trees, swimming pools, or other features. It is just as wonderful in open spaces, where you can really go crazy and create whatever design you want.

If you’re creating a fantastic living space, it’s best to work from the bottom up. After all, you can add all the furniture, pillows, rugs, and wall art you want, but if the floor isn’t set, all of that work will deliver a fraction of the impact you want. At Mountain West Landscaping, we think that floors can do a lot more than people give them credit for. It’s okay to have high expectations of your floor, especially when you’re working with concrete!

When people think of concrete, they probably imagine warehouse floors. Not exactly the type of flooring you want for a luxurious patio or artful walkway. However, as you probably know, we can take concrete and make it into practically anything. Colors, textures, and patterns all come into play to transform simple concrete into wood, stone, tile, and beyond. You get the impact of a luxurious material while enjoying the durability of one of the toughest materials in the world. At the end of the day, your floor can be a functional work of art, and there’s no reason to settle for anything less.

Okay, You’ve Sold Me — Now Should I Choose Polished or Stamped Concrete? 

Figuring out what kind of concrete finish is easier when you understand the basics of each. In general, once you choose to use concrete, there are two directions to go: polished or stamped. Today, we will break down these two popular options with insights that will hopefully help you decide which type of concrete will work for you.

The cost factor. 

We’re starting here because the cost is a generally a major consideration.  After all, you need a solution that will align with your budget. At Mountain West Landscaping, we take pride in our affordable concrete solutions. Here is how cost breaks down for polished and stained concrete.

  • Polished Concrete

    • This finish is generally the more expensive option because it takes a more work to achieve a mirror-like result. That being said, because you’re simply polishing the concrete that’s already there, it’s a very affordable choice.
  • Stained Concrete

    • This is an incredibly cost-effective way to achieve unique textures, patterns, and colors with durable concrete. You can get artsy with it or replicate stone, tile, and wood.

What it looks like. 

We want you to be delighted with the results of our concrete work. The best way to guarantee this is to understand what the results will look like before you choose.

  • Polished Concrete

    • A mirror finish is hard to beat, and it’s what you get with polished concrete. If a mirror doesn’t fit your vision, we can take the gloss back and create a satin-like or frosted texture, which will still reflect light without reflecting every single detail.
  • Stained Concrete

    • Stained concrete offers unique colors and patterns that can really shine in restaurants, barber shops, and other locations that need the benefit of special effects.

Important attributes. 

  • Polished Concrete

    • When it comes to ease of cleaning, you can’t beat polished concrete. It resists chipping, helps with energy efficiency, and remains unaffected by stains. If you have a high-traffic area, polished concrete is your best choice.
  • Stained Concrete

    • Though stained concrete deteriorates faster than polished concrete, it is still a fantastic solution for any space that needs a durable, stylish floor.

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